January 24, 2021
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WINE O’CLOCK: Time to talk turkey – not to mention spiced beef

When planning Christmas dinner I always start with the best of good intentions. Quality before quantity, don’t go mad on the sauces, remember the

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Shops, like puppies, aren’t just for Christmas – use them or lose them

The full re-opening of shops this week caused a wave of excitement in many homes. Some people got up at dawn to be first in the queue. And they

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WINE O’CLOCK: The wine that dares not speak its name

The grapes for Champagne are picked by hand and always have been since the seventeenth century when the monk, Dom Pérignon, is said to have discovered the

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Time to end the show trials … free the RTÉ Four!

The great RTÉ Covid apology has made disturbing viewing and listening. There was, I suppose, a certain satisfaction in seeing the tables turned on our

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Turning good cider into fine wine

What’s the difference between cider and apple wine? Well, about €30 a bottle for one thing. But there are some other factors that make the wine a

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: We must hang together on Covid or we will all hang separately

A trip down Dublin’s Henry Street has long been part of my Christmas. It’s an authentic Irish Christmas market, not an import from Scandinavia

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WINE O’CLOCK: Box clever and let the shop make the choice

Good wines, like good books, are best bought from shops where you can look at the stock, savour the atmosphere and get advice from somebody who knows what

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: Defend our way of life or we will surely lose it

When  news broke last Saturday that Joe Biden would be the next President of the United States, I felt happy. It wasn’t the obvious  satisfaction

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WINE O’CLOCK: Just right for drinking the duke’s health

According to Shakespeare, the third Duke of Clarence was drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine at the behest of his brother Richard III. It’s most likely

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: I don’t understand Americans. Maybe I never did.

America has been part of my life for almost as long as I have had a life. Through my childhood, Uncle Sam was the distant puppeteer whose strings moved my

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WINE O’CLOCK: A sweet, rich winner to end your dinner

In 1698, eight years after the Battle of the Boyne, English kings had grown tired of fighting each other and went to war with France. The French,

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: There’s no Covid claus in the big man’s contract

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has said “Christmas will not be cancelled” and that “Santa will still arrive and leave presents under the

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WINE O’CLOCK: With Sherry, the cream is at the top

Sherry comes in many hues and flavours. Last week I looked at some of the clean, white varieties we tend to drink in summer or as an aperitif. But in

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MICHAEL WOLSEY: The GAA is not elite and I hope it never will be

In these Covid-haunted times, the things that make the GAA great are also the association’s biggest weakness: the men and women who play its sports

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WINE O’CLOCK: These winter warmers are wines for all seasons

As temperatures drop and the nights draw in, thoughts turn to cosy drawing rooms, a blazing fire in the hearth, a fragrant casserole in the oven and a nice


Shane Doran

Shane Doran is a former newspaper Editor who has held senior executive roles across five national newspaper titles, both broadsheet and tabloid.

Michael Wolsey

Michael has 50 years’ experience as a journalist and editor on national and local newspapers.