April 19, 2021

Who killed Agnius? Mystery still surrounds Christmas Day killing on streets of Waterford

No one has ever been charged in connection with the killing of a young Lithuanian man who died after he was apparently attacked near his home in Waterford city on Christmas over four years ago.

This week Waterford Coroner’s Court held in inquest into the death of Agnius Naumovas, who was found with head injuries on the street on Christmas Day in 2016.

He died three days later in hospital.

Agnius was living in the Francis Street area of the city at the time. He had been in Waterford for about three years and was working locally.

On the day he was attacked, the victim had earlier been drinking with his brother Dainius, who was also living in Waterford at the time but has since moved back to Lithuania, at his home on Short Course.

Agnius left his brother to go home later  in the evening.

That night, Darius went to call to Agnius’s house with cans of lager they had bought earlier that day.

But as he approached the house he saw somebody lying on the ground and realised it was his brother.

The emergency services arrived at the scene a short time later. Tragically, Agnius died from his injuries at University Hospital Waterford on December 28, 2016.

The inquest into Angius’s death this week heard he suffered cerebral hypoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain, as a result of a cardiac arrest “which followed an assault during which he received severe injuries,” according to the autopsy report. “There was evidence of multiple impacts to his face and scalp.”

Some of the injuries could have been the result of blows or punches or by an impact with the ground. There was a “pattern” type injury to the face which was suggestive of stamping.

The inquest jury returned a verdict in line with the medical evidence, RTÉ reported.

There were no family members or friends of the deceased in court for the inquest, which heard that they have since returned to Lithuania.

To date, no one has been charged the Angius’s murder.


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