June 18, 2021
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Wage divide: Waterford workers have 25% less disposable income than people in Dublin

Workers in Waterford have a staggering 23% less disposable income that our counterparts in Dublin.

And we lag significantly behind the national average (8%) when it comes to the cash left in our pockets after tax.

The stark figures are revealed in the latest Central Statistics Office (CSO) ‘County Income and Regional GDP’ report.

According to the CSO, Waterford workers had a disposable income of just €19,416 in 2017. This is €2,079 less than the national average and a whopping €6,081 less than the disposable income of the average employee in Dublin.

However, Waterford workers have the second highest disposable income in the South East, according to the CSO.

In Tipperary, workers had a disposable income of €19,677. Employees in Kilkenny had €18,737, while workers in Wexford earned €18,098 after taxes.

None of the counties in the South East were above the state average of €21,495.



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