February 28, 2021

Waterford TD wants government to do more despite unprecedented crisis package

Despite a close to €4 billion emergency package aimed at protecting employees, the self-employed, and businesses during the coronavirus crisis being announced by the government, a Waterford TD says the measures still do not go far enough.

Waterford’s Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane believes the government measures regarding physical distancing and providing income support at this time of crisis ‘fall short of what is required’.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis that must be tackled head on,” Deputy Cullinane said.

“This requires urgent action on the part of government and the additional measures announced fall well short of what is required.

“Workers and their families are being placed at risk because we have not moved to shut down non-essential business activity. Dragging heels is not a solution, and people are rightly looking on and want a common sense approach to this. Many employers also want this to happen and are waiting for the guidance to take this necessary step.

“Obviously, to facilitate this there needs to be urgent action taken to ensure that those who are impacted are protected financially.

“Sinn Féin’s proposals in this regard would guarantee 100% of income up to €525 a week for workers and the self-employed who are laid off due to this crisis.

“The government’s proposal today comes nowhere close to that and does not go far enough. €350 is not enough for people who have lost their jobs. They will not be able to cope, to pay their mortgage or their rent and their bills, and for an adult with an adult dependent they would already be entitled to nearly €350, so this is of very little benefit to them,” Deputy Cullinane concluded.

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