February 28, 2021

Waterford TD calls for extension of fuel allowance to help elderly during Covid-19 crisis

A Waterford TD has called for the fuel allowance to be extended to help the elderly and vulnerable throughout the Covid-19 emergency.

Deputy Mary Butler (pictured below) urged Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty to sanction the move, arguing that older people are in a “at risk” group and are being encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible.

She said:  “While communities are coming together to ensure that older people are getting groceries and medications delivered to them so that they can stay inside, older people themselves are worried about having to pay higher heating bills.

“For many, their only source of income is the State pension and without any indication as to how long this crisis will last, they are understandably worried about higher heating costs.

“I believe Minister Doherty should address this issue and put their minds at ease by extending the fuel allowance for the duration of the crisis.”

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