June 20, 2021

Waterford scores on the Lotto double as two separate winners collect €5.3m

If one of your colleagues didn’t show up for work recently, chances are they were collecting €5,260,021 from Lotto HQ.

The lucky ticket was sold at the SuperValu store at the Kilbarry shopping centre in Waterford City on October 23 and the National Lottery confirmed that the prize was collected earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Thomas Coughlan from Waterford also collected a cool €100k after he won one of the top prizes on the Christmas Countdown scratch card.

Thomas who was joined by his fiancé Meghan Simpson in Lotto HQ and described his €100,000 win as an absolute ‘game-changer’ for the family – the couple have a four-year-old and hope to buy on a new home and splash out on a wedding in the next 12 months.

“Quite simply, this win is a complete game-changer for us,” Thomas said.

“We are renting a house at the moment so the dream of buying a house was always a difficult one for us.

“Trying to save while renting isn’t ideal but with this win, we are that much closer to getting our forever home.

“And more importantly – we had to sacrifice getting married over buying a house so in the next year, we will have a new home and we will be married, we’re just absolutely thrilled.”

Thomas, who is an architect in the City, bought the winning €10 Christmas Countdown scratch card on his way home from work last week at O’Hare’s supermarket on the Dunmore Road.

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