September 27, 2021
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Waterford one of the best places to live in Ireland for access to everyday services

Waterford city and county is one of the best places to live in the country in terms of ease of access to everyday services and facilities.

A new Central Statistics Offices report, titled ‘Measuring distance to everyday services in Ireland,’ reveals that outside of Dublin, Cork and Galway – Waterford  ranks near the top in the country for how close people live to everyday services such as schools, hospitals, libraries and shops.

The report analyses how close or far away people in Ireland live from everyday facilities and provides insights on the differences in service accessibility at regional and local level.

It reveals the average distance a person in Waterford city and county has to travel for a service is well below the average distance for rural Ireland.

In terms of hospitals, proximity to 24/7 Garda stations, fire stations, libraries, secondary schools, GPs, pharmacies, supermarkets, post offices and primary schools – people in Waterford are living either closer than the national average, equal to, or close to the average.

According to the report, people living in Waterford are aof just n average 1.5km away from a primary school, 4.0km away from a secondary school and just 2.2km from a supermarket.

Seven out of every 10 people living in Waterford live within 20km of a HSE emergency department. In contrast, the entire population of Longford lives 20km or more from an emergency department. More than 99% of Carlow’s population live more than 20km from an A&E department.

More than 1.8 million people (38%) must travel at least 20km to avail of a HSE emergency department. In Waterford the average distance to both is 17km.

Around 5% of the population nationally, (257,035 people), live 50km or more from an HSE emergency department, while close to 1% of the population (38,675) live 75km or more away.

The report revealed the service people must travel the furthest to avail of nationally is a HSE maternity hospital, with 2.2 million people (45%) living more than 20km away.


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