October 19, 2021

Waterford locals hit out at new proposals for wind turbines

Locals in West Waterford who are fighting against windfarms have hit out at recommendations that would mean shorter setback distances from their homes.

The suggestions are included in a Draft Revised Wind Energy Development Guidelines document which aims to upgrade guidelines from  2006, the Irish Examiner reports.

Waterford Council is currently setting out its new county development plan and the west of the county has 43 turbines above 150 ft high planned for the region.

The 2006 guidelines recommend a setback of eight times the tip height but the revised proposals reduces this to four times the tip height or a minimum of 500 metres.

Seán Harris, a spokesman for Barranafaddock residents who are opposing wind turbines that are under a court appeal, says the ratio “should at least remain the same, given the increased size of the turbines”.

The document also suggests that “technological advancements in noise abatement and the development of quieter turbines” have reduced setback requirements.

Meanwhile, Paddy Massey of the Blackwater Windaware group near Tallow, said: “It is clear to anyone who has suffered from having to live close to windfarms for the past several years have not been listened to at all and continue to be ignored by the government. It’s almost like the government wrote these new guidelines themselves.”

Submissions to the guidelines review are accepted until February 19.


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