January 27, 2021

Waterford is twinned with Leicester: Video of house party from here mistaken as locked-down city in UK

A video of gardaí breaking up a house party in Waterford has been causing a stir social media storm in the UK with claims it shows English police emptying a house in a city currently under lockdown there.

Horrified citizens in the city of Leicester have been spreading the video of a house party in Templars Hall in Waterford the weekend before last, claiming the party happened in Leicester recently, with angry residents saying it is this kind of behaviour that has caused the midlands city to be shutdown again.

Last week, UK Government officials order a local lockdown of Leicester due to a sudden surge of Covid-19 cases in the city. It remains under lockdown with no date given for when the imposed restrictions will be lifted.

This has led to a slew of misinformation doing the round on social media, including users posting images of the Waterford party and claiming it happened there.

Due to the extent of the spread of the video, news agency Reuters went to the effort fact-checked the video.

In a release published this morning, Reuters said:  “Social media users have been sharing a video showing dozens of teenagers purportedly attending a house party in the English city of Leicester, which has seen a surge in coronavirus cases.

“The post falsely claims that the video was filmed in the midlands city, where the government tightened lockdown rules on June 29 in response to the rise in cases.

“The footage actually shows police breaking up a house party in Waterford in southeast Ireland in late June,” it concluded.

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