April 14, 2021

Waterford in lockdown: Gardai praise public’s efforts in war on Covid-19

Waterford gardai have praised the efforts of people across the city and county for adhering to the Government’s lockdown measures to combat the spread of Covid-19.

A local Garda spokesperson said residents have been extremely diligent in complying with the strict new rules announced on Friday night.

And he stressed people are performing “a great public service” by remaining indoors throughout the emergency.

The Garda spokesperson told WaterfordNow.ie: “We feel there has been a great response to the request for people to stay indoors.

“We have been doing checkpoints around the city and the county just to ensure that people are going along with the guidelines laid out on Friday.

“The checkpoints have been successful, very friendly and offering advice to the public.”

Since the imposition of the stricter social guidelines, Waterford gardai say the response locally has been very positive.

The spokesperson added: “It’s been great to see the reaction of the public, who in the vast majority have been taking on the advice.

“We would like to thank everyone for doing their part in (listening to the) Social Distancing advice and staying away in respect of the new Covid-19 guidelines.”

As part of the stricter guidelines put in place by the Government, people have been asked not to leave their homes, except for in a limited number of situations up until Easter Sunday, April 12.

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