October 18, 2021

Waterford Council wants sulky racing banned from all public roads

A total ban on sulky racing on public roads should be introduced, Waterford City and County  Council has said.

Under the proposal, the racing would have to be licensed, regulated and insured before it could take place.

The council intends writing to the Minister for Transport to request the introduction of the necessary legislation.

“It boils down to three very simple issues; child safety, road safety and animal cruelty,” Sinn Féin councillor John Hearne told WLR.

“No sport would allow a child to take part without any protection; we don’t hurl without helmets, we don’t box without gum shields.

“We should never allow a child to career down a busy road without no protection being pulled by a half tonne animal, which he has no hope of controlling if the animal is frightened.

“There’s also no place on the road for horses with the huge increase in traffic volume. Horses are nervous animals and when frightened by traffic often bolt and can cause massive damage to themselves and other vehicles.”

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