October 20, 2020
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Waterford company’s track and trace app for the HSE all ready to go

A Waterford company is set to become one of the most downloaded businesses in the country in the coming weeks as their track and trace app for the Health Service Executive (HSE) is set to go live.

The Coivd-19 track and trace app called CovidIreland has been created by Tramore based company NearForm and is ready to launch, subject to approval from the newly formed cabinet.

The app will be used to further combat Covid-19 in Ireland through a Bluetooth system, whereby a person will be informed, via their smartphone,  if they have come into contact with somebody who is known to have coronavirus. The connection will be made through our devices communicating.

It is believed the government will not make downloading the app mandatory and they will run the track and trace app on a opt-in basis.

The €850,000 app has been in development since March and has been tested on the Apple(IoS) and Google(Android) platforms over the last month. The app has been handed over to the state and it is expected a decision will be made by the cabinet this week on when to launch CovidIreland.

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