April 19, 2021
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Waterford company’s Covid-19 tracing app to launch in USA

The Covid-19 track and trace app created by a leading Waterford-based tech firm is set to launch for the first time in the USA within days.

People in the US state of Pennsylvania will soon be able to download NearForm’s Covid-19 app. Since the app launched in Ireland in early July, nine countries have decided to launch the tracking system in their own country.

NearForm’s contact tracing app works on both Android and Apple platforms and works via Bluetooth signal recognising when one user has been in extended time in the presence of, or near to, another user who tests positive for the coronavirus.

Pennsylvania, with a population of just under 13 million residents, has reported more than 129,000 Covid-19 confirmed cases and more than 7,500 deaths due to the virus.

Officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Health have confirmed they signed a $1.9 million contract with NearForm to launch and maintain the contact tracing system for the US state.

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