July 26, 2021

What’s in a name? Waterford city and county differ when it comes to christening babies

Emily is the most popular name for baby girls in coutny Waterford, but Grace is the leading choice in the city.

And while the county likes Tadgh for a boy, the city can’t decide between Noah and Harry as their favourite.

The country’s most popular baby names for 2019 have just been revealed by Central Statistics Office. And the findings highlight an interesting difference of opinion between new parents in the city and the county.

When it comes to the boys, the most popular names in Waterford differ from the country’s most popular name. For the 12th time in 13 years, Jack is the most popular boy’s name in Ireland. Only Noah makes the top five in third place. Second is James, with Conor and Daniel fourth and fifth.

Tadgh makes it into the top 10 in eighth place, while Harry is the 12th most popular boy’s name.

The Waterford girls know what they are at though as Emily tops the list of girl’s names for the second year in a row, followed once again by Grace.  Fiadh, Sophie, and Hannah make up the top five.

The CSO also revealed the most popular baby’s names of 50 years ago – and James is the only name that reappears in the top 10 names for either boys or girls.

Back in 1969, John was the most popular boy’s name, followed by Patrick, Michael, James, and Thomas.

Mary was most popular among girls, followed by Catherine, Margaret, Ann, and Elizabeth.




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