April 19, 2021
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Waterford blue flag beach shut down over fears of sewage contamination

One of Waterford’s most beautiful and popular beaches has been shut down with immediate due to possible sewage contamination in the water.

Clonea Strand, a blue flag beach which attracts people from all over the south of Ireland, has been shut down by Waterford City and County Council while staff perform tests in an effort to verify the quality of the water.

The closure is as a result of a emergency overflow of the sewerage system which has led to the risk of water contaminatination .

The council has warned that swimming at the beach may cause people to fall ill.

The council made the decision to shut the beach this morning and they say it will remain closed until Friday.

The temporary closure was announced in a statement released on the council website. It said: “ Due to an emergency overflow from the sewerage system, there is a risk of contamination at Clonea beach and bathing is temporarily prohibited until the status of the bathing water quality can be verified.

“This will take approximately two days.”

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