June 20, 2021
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Virtual business: Waterford company could hold key to global business in face of Coronavirus threat

A Waterford business could be the virtual saviour of industry and trade worldwide as fears grow over Covid-19 with people less inclined to travel.

VR Education, a five-year-old Waterford based tech company is ready to host what is believed to be the world’s first Virtual Reality industry conference.

Global tech giant HTC will use a virtual platform developed by VR Education to hold its global annual virtual reality conference.

The Taiwanese tech company recently revealed its Vive Ecosystem conference, being held on March 19, will not be attended by industry experts and business leaders, instead the conference will be held on a virtual reality platform – headsets and all, and will be hosted by VR Education’s ‘Engage Platform.’

The Engage platform connects up to 50 people at a time to any session and can be hosted in settings from a lecture hall to the surface of the moon. Once in the virtual reality room, those present can interact as if they were physically there.

Based in the Cleaboy Business Park, VR Education is transforming how training and educational content is delivered and consumed globally and is listed both on the Dublin and London Stock Exchange.

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