January 26, 2021
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Urgent call to preserve water in Waterford as supplies dip to drought levels

Waterford residents are being urged to conserve water now to avoid unprecedented droughts later on in the summer.

With the weather set to remain hot and settled and temperatures predicted to stay in the 20s for the foreseeable future, there are fears for the water supply in Waterford, which is already under pressure.

Irish Water has revealed water levels in neighbouring Kilkenny at the moment are as low as they were when we last experienced drought conditions back in July 2018. This spring has seen half the rainfall compared to last year, and if these conditions continue there could be serious pressure on water supplies.

With this in mind, people are being urged to think twice before filling paddling pools, washing cars, and watering gardens.

Irish Water said we need to conserve water now if we want to preserve supplies over the summer. It is urging people to refrain from using power-hoses, paddling pools and garden hoses in an effort to preserve the current supply.

There has been a significant increase in household water usage, with data gathered by Irish Water revealing households are using an additional 24 litres of water per person per day – a 20% increase from prior to the lockdown.

The weather since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in the middle of March has been so dry it is creating water levels normally seen much later in the summer. Even the predicted Storm Arthur of last weekend failed to bring the expected rainfall to replenish water stocks.

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