September 17, 2021

Two Waterford schools rewarded for standing up to racism

Two Waterford schools have been honoured by TDs and Senators for standing up to racism and promoting inclusion.

Mount Sion School (below) and St Saviour’s National School (above), Ballybeg were among six schools recognised for their efforts in celebrating diversity which led to their recognition as  what is known as a Yellow Flag school.

Oireachtas members were told how the schools took part in the eight-step programme to  stamp out prejudice and discrimination in a school environment.

“We have actively involved the wider community in our Yellow Flag journey hosting many wonderful events in our school,” Mount Sion Primary School Claire Tallon teacher said.

“The highlight for me in the programme was speaking to the boys and listening to them say that the yellow flag programme makes them feel so proud of who they are and where they come from.”

A student of the school, Tommy Delaney, said: “The Yellow Flag has given me so much more confidence in who I am as a Traveller.

“I love how everyone in school wanted to hear about my culture and it inspired other Traveller boys to get involved.

“I was also really proud to host the Traveller pride day in school. Everyone understood us then.”

Meanwhile St Saviour’s student Michael O’Reilly added “We have now set up a Traveller sub-committee of the yellow flag with our teacher and it feels good to be involved.

“We are trying to stop people using racist language towards Travellers and also teaching them younger kids about Travelling culture.”


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