October 19, 2021
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The last straw: Waterford Council to ban single use plastics

Waterford City and County Council has become just the second local authority in the country to adopt a ‘Single Use Plastic Policy.’

At the latest sitting of the Environment, Climate Action and Biodiversity Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) it was decided to end the use of single use plastic from all Council buildings, hired venues, catering and all events organised by Waterford City and County Council.

In addition, all events licensed or funded by Waterford City and County Council will be required to demonstrate measures to eliminate single use plastics and segregation of waste during and after the event and its subsequent disposal.

Following a draft being prepared by the SPC for Environment, Climate Action and Biodiversity, it was brought to the Plenary Council where it was adopted, with immediate effect.

Fergus Galvin, Director of Services for Roads, Water and Environment for Waterford Council said: “Plastic is designed to last forever but is often used just once. Single-use plastic includes products such as straws, bottles, cups and cutlery; any plastic item that’s made for temporary use.

“Although we might not think much of it when we buy bottles of our favourite drink or buy a sandwich in a plastic box, these choices have a serious impact on the health of our planet and ourselves. This policy enables us to say a firm ‘no’ to single use plastics in our organisation.

“We are now building on the existing ban on single use bottles and cups in the Council Chambers by extending a ban on all single use plastics across the range of Council buildings and events,” Mr Galvin concluded.


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