January 15, 2021

‘Thank you’ – UHW staff express their gratitude to public and local businesses for their support

The staff and management of University Hospital Waterford have been overwhelmed by the support the public and local businesses have shown them during the Coronavirus crisis.

Grace Rothwell, General Manager of University Hospital Waterford said the outpouring of support has “helped boost the morale of staff in the hospital,” and wishes to thank local businesses and members of the public for their generosity towards the Hospital.

“Over the bank holiday weekend,” Grace said, “members of the public and local businesses kindly donated and dropped food and Easter Eggs into the hospital.

“On behalf of management and staff at University Hospital Waterford, I would like to sincerely thank people for this generosity and kindness, it is very much appreciated by all staff members at the hospital. This support and kindness shown has helped boost the morale of staff in the hospital.”

Ms Rothwell is aware the public understand the pressures on staff in the hospital but is also very aware that a lot of the public are feeling the strain of not being able to visit loved ones in UHW due to the virus. She thanked them for adhering to the visiting restrictions, while acknowledging the effort they are going too also.

“Unfortunately we are still unable to facilitate visitors at the hospital.  We fully appreciate that this is difficult for people who have loved ones in the hospital, but the restriction was introduced in the interest of patient and staff safety.

“On behalf of all staff at the hospital I am appealing to people to follow the Government guidelines relating to social distancing and hygiene, to ensure that they do not contribute to spreading the coronavirus,” Ms Rothwell concluded.


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