August 8, 2022
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TD calls on contractor to begin talks and resolve strike at Waterford Hospital

Local TD David Cullinane has called on a cleaning contractor to engage with unions and bring an end to a strike at University Hospital Waterford (UHW).

Sinn Féin Deputy David Cullinane has called on cleaning service provider Momentum to “fully engage and consult” with UNITE in an effort to resolve an ongoing dispute at UHW.

Around 125 staff of Momentum at UHW have been on strike outside the hospital for close to a week, protesting against proposed work changes without any consultation of the staff.

Deputy Cullinane believes the dispute can be resolved by dialogue and said: “Dialogue and genuine engagement with UNITE offers the best path to resolving and ending this dispute.

“The staff I spoke to do not want to be on strike but are taking a stand due to work changes being made by the company unilaterally and without consultation with the workers and their trade union.

“This dispute can be easily resolved. Momentum should treat all workers with respect and dignity.

“My message to the company is simple and clear – if you want to make changes sit down and talk to the workers and their trade union. The HSE need to intervene to ensure fair procedure and fair treatment of staff. The threat of court injunctions is unnecessary and unhelpful,” Deputy Cullinane added.

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