January 24, 2021

Slipping through the net: Waterford teachers’ fears over ability to educate online

Teachers in Waterford are worried about their ability to educate their students online due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

More than a third of educators complain of slow broadband in the county and issues surrounding the ability of their students to access online classes.

The worrying findings were revealed this week as part of a survey compiled by Studyclix, an online resource for both secondary school teachers and students.

Some 1,500 teachers across Ireland took part in this survey carried out on Monday and Tuesday of this week. And the results provide an interesting snapshot of how teachers are coping with the lockdown and the pressures they face.

Almost 40% of Waterford teachers are concerned about their ability to deliver the required education to their students and cite broadband and connectivity as the main issues.

The survey found 33% of teachers in Waterford are experiencing slow or bad broadband connectivity in their own homes.

This figure however, pales in comparison to teachers in neighbouring Kilkenny where 52% cite this as a major issue, while 53% of teachers in Mayo report this as their most pressing concern.

Some 38% of teachers in Waterford believe their students do not have access to a PC, tablet or the internet which allows them join online teaching. However, this Waterford figure is significantly lower than the 58% of teachers in Carlow and Sligo who report this as being a major problem.

In all, 93% of teacherssay they find it more difficult to teach from home than in the classroom.

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