September 27, 2021

Sex in our city: Garda operation targetting prostitution in Waterford

Gardai have launched a clampdown on prostitution in Waterford.

The Garda Press Office confirmed officers stopped and questioned 23 people suspected of paying for sex in eight  divisions last week, including Waterford.

The suspects were questioned as part of Operation Quest, which took place over two days earlier this week.

The operation, which is aimed at protecting victims of human trafficking, was focused on Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Mayo, Sligo and Louth.

Gardai have warned more stop and search days will be carried out throughout 2020.

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  1. Disgrace that them men didn’t stand trial for throwing acid in some one’s face ..and that young man will have to deal with the scaring for the rest of his life knowing that Notting was done..His parents if the scum bag that did it must know some people in high places.’s all click … everything..

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