October 20, 2020
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Row erupts over plans to develop apartments overlooking county Waterford coast

A planning row has erupted in a county Waterford town after locals became aware that permission for huge development is being sought on a beauty spot overlooking the sea.

Recently a planning notice was posted on lands known as Gallweys Hill in Tramores eeking permission to build a mixed-use development of apartments and retail space.

This came as a shock to many who believed Gallweys Hill to be public land and now a campaign aimed at seeing permission refused is been taken up by locals, being led by a former General and Local election candidate.

Una Dunphy of People Before Profit is hoping to stop any commercial development on the site and said her party will support any groups or individuals who have the same concerns.

Ms Dunphy claims the development would damage the beauty of the Tramore coastline and would create further traffic issues at an area well known for bottlenecks.

“Any development on this site would seriously hamper the town’s aesthetics as well as its accessibility, situated in such a bottleneck at the top of a hill,” she said.

“There has been a flurry of concern in the town since the planning application was posted recently on newly erected gates.  Social media has seen many people of the town and beyond express shock and concern that the site would be considered for the development of a restaurant and apartments.

“The people of the town are up in arms about the possibility of this going ahead.  We all want to see progress and for the town to thrive, but with good planning and reasonable public consultation,” Ms Dunphy added.

The Gallweys Hill site, at one point, was owned by Bill Fuller, a famous emigrant, who left Ireland in his teens and went onto build a business empire consisting of hotels and entertainment venues.

The plans would see 12 one-bed apartments constructed over three storeys, with retail space at ground floor level.

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