January 25, 2021

Red alert: Calls for Waterford Council to light up City Hall

Waterford City and County Council  has been urged to light up City Hall and the Civic Offices in Dungarvan in red tomorrow to mark International Workers Day.

People Before Profit Waterford has written to the council members and Chief Executive making the request.

“The 1st of May, International Workers Day, is traditionally celebrated with demonstrations marking the role that workers play in society,” People Before Profit’s Úna Dunphy said.

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have been reminded of the vital contribution to the welfare of society made by workers.

“It is very clear that we would be totally lost without our nurses, doctors, cleaners, porters and those in the public sector, retail, and food production, along with many more besides.

“A number of Councils around the country are lighting up their buildings in red and People Before Profit Waterford is asking Waterford Council to mark this May Day by also lighting up in red, in recognition of the key role played by workers in our community, and of the heroic efforts of workers responding to this crisis; on the need for workers’ rights and on the central importance of our public services.”


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