September 27, 2021

POLL SHOCK: Sinn Féin overtakes Fine Gael just days before election

Fine Gael’s nine years in power looks to be at an end after two shock polls found they have been overtaken by Sinn Féin.

With less than a week to go before next Saturday’s election, Fine Gael’s slogan ‘a future to look forward to’ does not appear be chiming with voters. And the party looks set to suffer double figure seat losses if the latest polls are reflected in actual voting.

Sinn Féin staged an election rally in Waterford city-centre yesterday, where the party’s TD and candidate David Cullinane widely expected to top the local poll. The party’s Deputy First Minister of the North Michelle O’Neill (pictured above) spoke at the event.

This morning’s Red C poll for the Business Post confirms the finding of another poll yesterday from The Times Ireland Edition which first showed Sinn Féin had inched ahead of Fine Gael by a couple of points.

Now the long-standing Red C poll has backed up this with its own research. It reveals Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are now neck and neck on 24% each, with Fine Gael trailing back on 21%.

Next in line is the Greens on 7%, with Labour coming in after that on 5%.

The Social Democrats’s support is measured at 3%, Aontu is at 2% and Solidarity/People Before Profit are back on 1%.

Independents are projected to clinch 12% of the vote combined.

The Times Ireland poll showed Fianna Fáil in the lead on 23%, Sinn Féin in second place on 21% and Fine Gael languishing in third on just 19%.

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