October 25, 2020
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Pitch battle: Waterford FC’s owners confirm staff ‘temporarily’ laid-off and not fired

Waterford FC have confirmed they “temporarily” laid off all their staff and not fired them as was being reported in some quarters.

Last night, Jack Power Waterford FC’s General Manager and son of owner Lee Power sent an email to all staff making them aware of the decision to lay-off the staff for the foreseeable future with immediate effect.

It is understood this email was sent to the staff as a group mail and all received the mail at the same time.

However, Blue’s manager Alan Reynolds expresses his disgust at how the lay-offs were communicated and told RTÉ Sport he was not consulted about the measures and was “disgusted by the way this (lay-offs) were carried out.”


In a statement released by the club this morning Waterford FC they have done all they can to avoid this situation but without football for more than two months and no revenues coming in, the club found themselves in this position.

“Waterford FC have followed guidelines,” the statement said: “and have paid close attention to articles and statements made by Government Ministers and public health officials on Covid 19. We are well aware that the preservation of the lives and health of our community must take precedence over soccer

“It has been ten weeks since our last game and therefore the last time we generated any form of home game revenue. Despite these circumstances, we have kept our staff under employment until today.

“After much deliberation, we have had to follow Sligo Rovers and St Pats Athletic and ‘temporarily lay off our staff’ to safeguard the future of the football club. We will review the situation when conditions improve,” the statement concluded.


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