April 18, 2021

Pine the Seal pup caught in fishing net ‘making a good recovery’

The seal which was discovered in Portally Cove caught in a fishing net recently is making a good recovery, the Waterford Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Waterford SPCA)  has said.

The pup, named Pine , was found last week wrapped in the plastic netting with a badly cut neck  before being brought to Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI).

“Pine is doing fine thanks to the fantastic folks at Seal Rescue Ireland,” Waterford SPCA said.

“He is still in his isolation unit, gaining some much needed weight and nice and comfortable under his heat lamp but is making a good recovery.”

The adorable creature was found in agony and distress on grass next to the public path at Portally Cove before being led into a cage.

The seal was then rushed to SRI for medical attention, and images from the Waterford SPCA showed Pine with severe cuts around its neck where the fishing net had cut into the skin.

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