October 19, 2021

PICTURED: Heart-break as dolphin washes up on Tramore beach

These are the heart-breaking pictures of a Common Dolphin that washed up on Tramore beach.

The motionless creature was spotted at 1.30pm today, according to a spokesperson for Tramore Eco Group.

“I took a few photos and sent this information on to Irish Whale and Dolphin Group,” the spokesperson told waterfordnow.ie.

“They got back to me within 10 minutes and said they would add this find to their records.”

It is believed that the dolphin was discovered down the beach from the lower prom in Tramore.

As its name suggests, the Common Dolphin is regarded as being plentiful in number and is regularly spotted all around the Irish coast.

It is normally found in all tropical, sub-tropical and temperate waters with average surface temperatures above 10°C.

They are often seen in large schools grow to between 1.7 and 2.6 metres (5.5 to 8.5ft) long and weigh from 70 to 110 kg (155 to 245lb), according to irishwildlife.com.

Pictures courtesy of Tramore Eco Watch

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