June 20, 2021

Parents of students in South East school get text saying their children had contact with coronavirus

Parents of children in a secondary school in the South East close to Waterford have just received a text stating a number of the students in the school had low risk contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case.

Parents and students in Coláiste Éamon Rís in Callan, Co Kilkenny were informed of the contact with the virus this morning.

A number of students and staff had been on a school trip to Italy recently and had returned the weekend of Saturday, February 21.

A spokesperson from the school told WaterfordNow.ie: “All students have been cleared to attend school and the risk of infection is extremely low.”

The school were informed this morning and sent the following text out to parents.

“Student of our school (Coláiste Éamon Rís ) have been identified as having a low risk  contact with a case of Covid-19 during their travels in Italy. All have been deemed to have had casual contact and does not meet the threshold for testing.

“Advice received from the HSE is ‘all students and staff linked with this trip should be safe to return to school as normal.’

“Any concerns, please contact the school office or the HSE on  056 7784142,” the text concluded.


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