October 19, 2021

174 calls made to Waterford Fire Service were false alarms or hoax calls

One-in-six calls to the Waterford Fire Service over the past year were either false alarms or malicious calls.

Some 174 emergency calls made to the 10 fire stations in the Waterford Fire Authority up until the end of November did not result in “an emergency situation”, according to newly published figures.

Waterford Fire Services received 1,244 call-outs so far this year. Over half of these (692) were for fires, while a third (387) were for a specialised service, which include road traffic accidents, road hazards, chemical incidents, flooding and non-fire rescues.

The rest proved to be false alarms.

The amount of calls to Waterford Fire Service is down slightly on 2018 figures, down by just over 7%.

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