August 4, 2021

Office politics: Council policy blamed for spike in illegal commercial dumping

Waterford Council has found itself  at the centre of some office politics after an accusation landed on its desk that one of its policies is leading to a spike in illegal dumping.

Fianna Fail Councillor Eamon Quinlan has claimed that the council has a policy of not accepting commercial electrical equipment at their civic centres.

This, he added, is leading to “an increase in fly tipping specifically of heavy electrical equipment in and around residential areas.”

In a statement  sent to, Cllr Quinlan said: “As a local authority we take in a huge variety of items at our civic centres and dispose of them for people.

“This is normally done for either no fee or a small fee. The status quo on office equipment like photocopiers, printers etc is that we refuse to take them in at all.

“This has lead to a sharp rebuke from the local business community who must pass this charge onto Waterford’s consumers both directly and wholesale to business’s thereby adding additional costs.

“Other County Councils do take in this type of equipment for a small disposal fee so to be blunt, this short sighted policy means we are ensuring the cost of doing business in Waterford is higher than comparable counties nearby.

“This is crazy stuff, we really aren’t helping either ourselves or local economy with this type of carry on,” Cllr Quinlan added.

“These shortcomings are bearing fruit as environmental authorities have been dealing with an up surge as people seek to avoid these charges by purchasing without the recycling fee but then illegally dumping them around local communities.

“This has lead to a domino effect of not just electrical equipment but all manner of office equipment being dumped in traditional residential areas.”

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