April 18, 2021
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Now that’s ‘unny: Waterford nightclub being held ransom over missing ‘F’ from sign

Management of the Factory Nightclub on John’s Street in Waterford noticed something unusual about their premises early yesterday morning – someone had stolen the ‘F’ from the signage above the venue’s front door.

Throughout yesterday, the nightclub’s owners received messages showing the ‘F’ on a jolly around Waterford city, teasing them and requesting a ransom.

The nightclub were not happy and responded to the letter-napper: “Some smart Ucker has sent us an anonymous message and is looking for IFTY quid for the safe return of our beloved Uckin F…

“You can UCK OFF and cut them nails and shove the F . ,” they said.

The letter-napper, obviously not amused, informed the owners of the ‘F’ it was going for a sun-bed session in a pic sent to them.

The Factory, Liam Nesson like responded to this affront on social media and said: “We don’t know who you are. We don’t know why you Have such big Uckin Nails.

“If you are looking for ransom we can tell you we don’t have money because Covid has UCKED Us up,” they said.

Ramping it up a notch, the letter-napper actually sent a ransom letter later in the day, which displayed an affection for the work of Leonardo Di Caprio. An email address had been set up in the name of Frank Abignale – the famous counterfeiter and fraudster the film Catch Me If You Can is based on. In the email, a ransom note, which took a lot of effort to create, gave the Factory a time and place for the handover.

The Factory missed a deadline last night due to the obscure email address. It is understood the letter is still being held to ransom and the napper still at large.

The Factory has been contacted for an update on the latest developments in this letter-napping.


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