June 20, 2021
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No missing Link: County Waterford bus service the most successful in the country

A Waterford rural bus route provided as part of the Local Link scheme is the busiest route of its type in the country.

The report on the Local Link Evening And Night Time Services pilot initiative of the Rural Transport Programme found the Route 363 between Tallow and Dungarvan was the busiest of all 65 services set up around Ireland.

The Local Link pilot scheme has been so successful, the National Transport Authority is going to make the evening and night-time services permanent.

Route 363 between Tallow and Dungarvan recorded the highest number of evening trips over the six month period of 5,261, while Route 361 between Ardmore and Dungarvan also made the top ten with 2,600 trips recorded over time.

The Ballyduff Community Evening service, which serves a much smaller area, recorded 649 trips over the six month period.

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