August 4, 2021

Name a bird with a long neck? Naomi Campbell – the best of Larry Gogan’s Just A Minute Quiz

Almost as  famous as Larry Gogan, who died earlier today, was the Just A Minute Quiz which featured on his radio show on 2FM from his first day on the station in 1979.

The quiz saw listeners take part in a 60-second round of questions which lead, in some cases, to some very funny answers.

Here are our favourites:

Larry: Name the Capital of France?

Caller: F.


Larry: What star do travellers follow?

Caller: Joe Dolan.


Larry: What was Hitler’s first name?

Caller: Heil.


Larry: Name a bird with a long neck?

Caller: Naomi Campbell.


Larry: Name an occupation where you might need a torch

Caller: A burglar


Larry: Name a famous bridge

Caller: The Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Larry: Which town do you associate with Shakespeare?

Caller: Hamlet!


Larry: Name something you open other than a door.

Caller: Your bowels!



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