July 26, 2021

‘More chance of the Titanic rising than me joining FG’ – new Waterford TD rubbishes online rumours he’s about to jump ship

A newly elected Waterford TD said there is “more chance of the Titanic rising” after rumours started circulating online they he was about to join Fine Gael.

Independent TD Matt Shanahan confirmed he has not been contacted by any of the main parties this week, and has no intention of joining any of them.

Deputy Shanahan told WaterfordNow.ie his focus is solely on the policies that the people of Waterford elected him on.

Earlier today a thread popped up on Twitter claiming: “If rumours are true Waterford will have a Fine Gael TD again in a few days!”

Those who read the tweet were, in the main disbelieving, with others asking the person who put up the thread to provide proof.

The thread implied it could only be Independent Deputy Matt Shanahan as three of the four Waterford TDs are already aligned to parties.

“Whoever sourced that story was probably the same person who sourced those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,” Deputy Shanahan told WaterfordNow.ie.

“There is about the same amount of truth or accuracy in both stories. I haven’t had any discussions with any parties at all.  I haven’t been contacted by them even in regards offering them my support in possible governments.”

Deputy Shanahan said that, first and foremost, he was elected by people of the city and county on a number of crucial local issues, central to these being access to 24/7 cardiac care in University Hospital Waterford (UHW). And he said he is going to represent the people of Waterford in the 33rd Dáil on these issues.

“There has been a number of calls going around between the Independent TDs elected to the Dáil regarding technical groupings and obviously I have been contacted by different people and I have been speaking to these groups of Independents but that is as far it has gone,” he added.

“I am not anywhere further along as to where or which one of these groups I might align. I will sit and see where I have commonality and where we may be able to support a common cause.

“I want delivery on what I want and that is the way I am going to go when I take the seat in the Dáil. Beyond all that I hopefully people in the Independent groupings can get to common policy platforms.

“As for these rumours about Fine Gael, I would say these are more than greatly exaggerated.  There is more chance of the Titanic rising up now than me joining Fine Gael,” Deputy Shanahan said.

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