August 4, 2021

Mindless vandals stealing life-saving emergency equipment at Waterford coast

A new law is needed to combat vandalism and theft of essential life-saving equipment such as defibrillators and ring-buoys, a local councillor has said.

Sinn Féin’s leader on Waterford City and County Council Conor D. McGuinness spoke out after several instances of vandalism and theft of life-saving emergency equipment.

Councillor McGuinness said: “Over recent days there have been reports of thefts of defibrillators along the east coast.

“Waterford’s existing beach bye-laws make provision for an on-the-spot fine of €75 for interfering with a ring-buoy or other lifesaving equipment, however this only applies to designated beaches, and does not cover ring-buoys and lifesaving equipment in other locations.”

Councillor McGuinness (pictured below) said the current on-the-spot fine of €75 is “utterly inadequate”.He added: “Given the seriousness of the offence and the possible consequences of damaging this equipment. The existing bye-laws are also inadequate as they do not cover all equipment, or all areas.  I have begun drafting a bye-law that will provide adequate protection for essential lifesaving equipment no matter where it is located.”

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