September 17, 2021

‘Millions of children have known nothing but conflict,’ Tramore’s Eithne makes Trocaire appeal

A Waterford woman who works with Trócaire has appealed to residents of the county  to support families overseas who have been town apart by war around the world.

Trócaire launched its Christmas Appeal with the call from Tramore local Eithne Brennan for people in Waterford to support innocent families who are caught up in wars and conflicts around the world.

“Where Trócaire works, millions people have known nothing but war and have lived through constant conflict since they were born,” according to Eithne.

“Trócaire is working to protect them and keep them safe. We are asking the public to support us and make sure these innocent people aren’t forgotten this Christmas.”

This Christmas marks the 50th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s iconic War is Over ‘peace’ campaign.

Trócaire has reimagined the campaign with a 2019 ‘War Is Over Christmas appeal’ supporting families who are living in war zones around the world.

According to Eithne from Trócaire, families fleeing conflict urgently need food, shelter and healthcare this Christmas in many of the countries where Trócaire works.

“Millions of children around the world have known nothing but conflict in their lives. Their lives are on hold because they are living in war zones. It seems that in many cases the world has forgotten these children. This Christmas we want them to know that we haven’t forgotten them,” she said.

“The figures are frightening” said Eithne. “In Syria, Somalia and Gaza alone, where Trócaire works, an estimated 19 million people have known nothing but war – children have lived in conflict zones since they were born.”


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