September 27, 2021

Message of hope: Waterford candidate’s sustainable and innovative campaign goes viral

A Waterford general election candidate has taken a step away from the traditional canvassing methods looking for your votes and came up with a visually stunning and highly effective campaign.

Marc O’Cathasaigh, local councillor and Green Party election candidate has ditched environmentally unfriendly campaign posters for light shows and sand art.

Cllr O’Cathasaigh told he wanted to look at different and innovative ways of getting a message across to the electorate that was far more sustainable and impactful.

“We are the only people in Waterford running a campaign like this,” Marc said.

“The sand art in Bonmahon was done by Sean Corcoran. We knew his work andsat down with him about the idea.

“The concept came from the tail end of a Greta Thunburg speech – ‘Hope is everywhere.’ It is to chime with that and it is a really really effective image and has its impact – without having a lasting impact.

“The thing about sand art is it is ephemeral as opposed to posters which you are stuck with for 10,000 years. With sand art, you create you photo is and then the slate is washed clean.

“The actual physical sand art took about two and half hours to create by four of us. Then we put up a drone to capture the images. It really does end up looking great.”

But it’s not just sand art Marc and his team have used in their viral canvass they have also used projections to get Marc and the Green Party’s message across.

“We decided that we could spend money on the traditional methods of advertising or do something else and that is where the projections have come from around Waterford,” he added.

“We run that, a simple image through a projector off a graphic on a computer and project it onto different landmarks locally and that is it.”

“We have had a huge reaction on social media to the sand art, that message has travelled really well. The projections are only up on social media a day or two so we will how people react to them.”

Marc and his team of around 80 volunteers have been working hard around the clock over the last three weeks on this campaign and he feels it has certainly been worth it and can not speak highly enough of those who helped his campaign.

“I do feel I will be in there for the battle for the fourth and final seat and we are getting positive feedback from the doorsteps.

“The funny thing is that when all this is done one person might get a job in the Dáil, but it would not be possible without the work of all the people in this campaign. It is not that they are coming out for me necessarily, but coming out to campaign because they believe in something.”


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