January 23, 2021
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Line in the sand: Battle rages over campaign to pedestrianise Tramore’s Prom

A storm is brewing in Tramore – and this time it has nothing to do with an impending weather front.

Lines are being drawn up in the sands of the seaside town about whether or not the local authority should pedestrianise the Prom.

Last Friday a petition popped up on Change.org seeking support for the idea to pedestrianise the seaside resort’s Lower Prom.  But by yesterday evening a counter petition was set up demanding the Prom remain as is.

And judging by the amount of hits on both petitions,it appears the issue is proving to be a divisive one.

The campaign to pedestrianise the Lower Prom was set up by the Tramore Eco Group, who are looking to create a people only area between Moe’s Café and the public toilets. Their petition, set up last Friday, has garnered close to 600 signatures so far.

On their Change.org page, the group says: “This part of the Prom has several coffee shops, fish and chips, ice cream shop, a skateboard park, a surf club and the National Surf & Lifeguard Training Centre.

“It is about time the road was pedestrianised with more tables for people to sit out and enjoy their coffee or ice cream in the fresh air.

“Pedestrianised areas make for a healthier and more social community,” they said.

The campaign group feels this is an opportunity to do something positive for the town, which would reduce pollution and create a safer environment.

“The Promenade was brilliant when it was closed during the lockdown period.  One of the cafes opened and we had a week without cars and traffic and everyone was able to have space to drink coffee and talk.   Children were riding their bikes and scooters.  It was a very pleasant atmosphere – then the cars came back, “ the Waterford Eco Group said ruefully.

The campaign against it, called Petition “NOT” to Pedestrianise The Promenade in Tramore, is far more succinct in its language and simply states it opposes the campaign.

The campaign on change.org, aimed at Waterford City and County Council, says they are running: “A simple petition to counter opinions who want to see the promenade closed off for traffic and made into a pedestrianised area.”

The page has already received 300 signatures despite only being set-up late last night.

Where do you stand on this issue? Should the Lower Prom be closed off for people only?

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