September 17, 2021
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Life in the fast lane: Waterford stunt driver Buttsy Butler completes Europe’s ‘Cannon Run’

One of Waterford’s most prominent social media personalities, who has had to uproot their lives since the dawning of Covid-19, has just completed yet another gruelling driving challenge.

Professional driver and CEO of a clothing company, Derek ‘Buttsy’ Butler, originally from Hillview in Waterford, has just completed the European Cannon Run Mega Run, which concluded in Monaco yesterday evening.

Buttsy, who had been working and driving in China until March this year, came back to Europe to see the Coronavirus pandemic through. Despite that upheaval, he has been able to maintain his passion and get behind the wheel of some of the world’s most expensive cars.

His close to 150,000 followers on social media have been following him on the Cannon Runs’ Mega Run which started in London last week and finished up in Monaco last night, taking in some of Europe’s most fantastic scenery along the way through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

It was not all glitz and glamour for the Waterford man, having to swap cars on a couple of occasions due to car issues, but who would complain if you were hopping from a Lamborghini to a Bentley, to a McLaren.


“Monaco was mega but Lake Como was the highlight for me!” Buttsy said in a post.

“Unfortunately, the rally owner got his windscreen smashed in his Lambo so had to take the McLaren back hence why I changed to the Bentley for people messaging me about it!

“What a week it’s been,” he concluded.

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