August 8, 2022

LATEST: FF confirms Waterford candidate failed to inform them of business woes during ‘extensive pre-election process’

Fianna Fáil has confirmed it has recieved “an explanation” from its Waterford General Election candidate Eddie Mulligan about his failure to inform the party that he had been disqualified from acting as a company director.

In a statement to, the party said it “will consider” the city-based councillor’s response before deciding on “the most appropriate response”, which may include Cllr Mulligan being removed from the ticket.

A Fianna Fáil spokesperson told “Following media reports, we sought and have now received an explanation from Cllr Mulligan detailing the circumstances leading up to the failure of his business and the action taken by the ODCE [Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement].

“He has also offered an explanation for his failure to make the party aware of the ODCE process during his extensive pre-election interview process. The party will consider this explanation as it decides on the most appropriate response.”

Cllr Eddie Mulligan was disqualified for seven years by the High Court in 2017 over the management of his company, Hype Hair Salon Ltd.

According to a report in yesterday’s Irish Times, Cllr Mulligan was a director and shareholder of the company – which owed Revenue over €150,000 when it was placed in liquidation in 2014.

By the time it went into liquidation the business left creditors, including the Revenue, out of pocket.

In 2017 Cllr Mulligan and his wife, who were equal owners of the business and the company’s sole directors, were disqualified from operating as company directors until 2024.

Despite this, Cllr Mulligan continued to act as a director on the board of the Barker Arts Centre Company Limited, which operates Garter Lane Arts Centre on O’Connell Street, until August 17, 2018, according to the company’s Directors’ Report of the same year.

This was 13 months after Cllr Mulligan was restricted by the High Court from acting as a company director.

Cllr Mulligan is also listed as a director of the Waterford and Wexford Education Training Board (WWETB) on the state training body’s website.

Shane Doran

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