July 26, 2021
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a hotel full of comic fans at SuirCon

If you think you spotted a few Ghostbusters or some Imperial Guards from Star Wars in the City yesterday, don’t worry, you weren’t dreaming.

Hundreds of comic fans, many dressed as their favourite characters, made their way to the second SuirCon comic convention in The Tower Hotel as part of this year’s Winterval.

Organised by Waterford Comics’ very own Jonathan and Nicole Sullivan, this year’s event saw long-time Marvel artist Sam De La Rosa of Spiderman and Venom fame attend as a guest speaker.

Sam happily posed for pictures with many of the estimated 650 fans who attended as well as displaying some of his work.

Supported by Waterford Chamber, visitors enjoyed a mixture of stands exhibiting old and new comics books, costumes, toys and memorabilia.

And the organisers are now hoping SuirCon will become an annual event that will continue to expand.

“It’s the second year and we’re getting more people to come over to Waterford and we’ll show Waterford, and show them a good time, and maybe they’ll get talking to their friends and other artists and editors that will come over to Waterford,” Jonathan told RTE. “There’s a good buzz around.”


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