August 5, 2021

‘There’s a chick’s head in my takeaway’ – Waterford woman gets nasty surprise

A Waterford woman got a nasty surprise after she discovered something resembling a chicken’s head after getting a takeaway as a well-known local restaurant.

The shocked woman posted pictures of the peculiar find in the filling of her spring roll, saying: “My spring roll its a baby chicks head, is it a baby chicks head or am I gone mad.”

She later posted on Facebook: “My hole [sic] insides came up after I saw this, I’m never eating Chinese again I’m so sick.”

She went on to say that she went to the restaurant to complain. But the outlet denied what she discovered came from their spring rolls.

The takeaway said on social media: “We only use 100% chicken breast. We have been open for 20 years and never has [sic] a problem.”

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