August 4, 2021
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‘If you’re barred from from one, you’re barred from them all’ – CitySafe scheme could be rolled out to all Waterford city pubs and clubs

A scheme to impose co-ordinated bans on  “persistent troublemakers” from pubs and clubs in Waterford could be rolled out across the whole city in the New Year.

CitySafe was launched by establishments in the John St, Parnell St and Manor St areas to tackle anti-social behaviour over the busy Christmas period.

“I’ve been a doorman for 20 years and I have seen how one ‘bad’ person can ruin the night for 20 people. It can be one person, being very aggressive, making people uncomfortable and spoiling their night,” says Ross Cahill, security manager of the Causeway Group, which manages a number of pubs and hotels in the City.

“It can be because of a substance or too much drink or something else going on with that person in their life. But once it happens – that person needs to go home,” Mr Cahill, who heads a 20-strong team, told the Irish Times.

CitySafe is initially targeting venues around Apple Market and John St, but ultimately it could bring in all city centre pubs and hotels into the scheme.

Under the plan, when someone is prevented from entering one one venue, “they are then barred from all” if agreed by the by the CitySafe committee, which is chaired by Mr Cahill, although the person in question will have the right to appeal.

“I do think part of it is just making people aware of their behaviour,” he adds.


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