October 18, 2021

If your name’s not down, you can’t vote: young people in Waterford urged to register ahead of election

Young people in Waterford are being encouraged to register to vote ahead of the November 25 deadline.

With a General Election looming in Spring of next year, the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), says that anyone wishing to cast their ballot in 2020 will find life a lot easier if they put their names down now.

“With 82,442 registered voters in Waterford, we are urging young people to join them, and get on the register by November 25,” James Doorley, NYCI Deputy Director says.

“Census 2016 figures indicate that there are 689,996 young people aged 18 to 29 in Ireland, which represents a potentially very large youth vote.

“We know from our work with young people that the vast majority want to vote but not all are aware they have to register.

“This is particularly an issue among the thousands of young people who turned 18 and became eligible to vote in recent months.”

For those unsure whether they are registered or not, the NYCI advises that they check online at www.checktheregister.ie.

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