April 18, 2021

‘I hope they remember this on Christmas Day while thousands of children remain homeless’ – Cullinane rounds on Waterford TDs

Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane has rounded on his fellow Waterford TDs for either voting confidence in Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy or abstaining in last night’s Dail vote.

Fine Gael’s John Deasy and Indepedent Alliance’s John Halligan both supported Mr Murphy, while Fianna Fail’s  Mary Butler did not cast a vote as per the party line.

“Last night in the Dáil I was the only Waterford TD to vote No Confidence in Minister Eoghan Murphy’s failed housing strategy,” Mr Cullinane said.

“I did so on behalf of all those in Waterford in need of a roof over their head and an opportunity to buy an affordable home.

“Rebuilding Ireland was launched in July 2016. Three and a half years later are things any better? Homelessness is up 67%.

“You can stand with Leo Varadkar, Eoghan Murphy and Rebuilding Ireland, or you can stand with the thousands of homeless children and the hundreds of thousands of people in real housing need. Deputies Deasy and Halligan chose the former.

“Some opposition Deputies are hiding behind the threat of a December election.”

“I hope they remember this when they spend Christmas Day in their own home while thousands of children will remain homelessness because of how they voted tonight.”

A Christmas general election was averted after the Government scraped through a Dáil vote of no confidence in  Housing Minister Murphy.

The Fine Gael minority Government narrowly won the vote 56 votes to 53 with the support of a handful of Independent TDs.

Some 35 TDs abstained.

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