January 17, 2021

‘I felt like kissing the tarmac’ – Waterford’s Tom home after spending 66 days fighting Covid-19 in hospital

A  Waterford man has told how he felt like kissing the tarmac after returning home following 66 days fighting Covid-19 in hospital.

Tom Gallagher (54), from Dunmore Road in Waterford City, was so ill, he was admitted to intensive care twice as battled virus in University Hospital Waterford, he told WLR.

“I felt so proud to come up the road with my brother in the car and to see all my neighbours and friends out on the green.

“And my family here, all waiting for me. It made my day. I was looking forward to it, to be honest, my daughter kept saying to me, ‘Dad, you’re not going to have a big do now’ and I kept saying no but in the back of my mind I wanted to be with people, you know.

“Even when I was in hospital like, all they kept saying to me was, ‘Thomas you can’t take in oxygen and talk at the same time!’ I’m used to talking.

“I was going to get out and do impressions of Pope John Paul but I said I’d better not”, he joked.

Picture: Irish Mirror


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