September 28, 2021

Speeding motorist clocked doing 138km/h on rural Waterford road

A speeding driver was clocked doing 138km/h on a rural road in county Waterford – almost twice the 80km/h speed limit.

The incident came to light this week as the Cabinet signed off on tougher new penalties for motorists caught driving over the speed limit.

The driver was caught speeding on a road in Ballykinsella, a rural townland around 5km outside Tramore. As a regional road, the R675 in Ballykinsella has a speed limit of 80km/h.

Unfortunately for the driver, it was National Slow Down Day and GoSafe vans fitted with speed cameras clocked the offence. It was to be the worst detection of the speed limit being broken in a 80km/h zone during the 24-hour Garda operation.

In future, drivers detected doing 30km/h over the limit will be convicted of a new stand alone offence that will result in an automatic court appearance. The penalty on conviction for this offence will be a fine of up to €2,000 and seven penalty points.

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