October 19, 2021
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Heart-felt: Waterford FC to carry battle for 24/7 Cardiac Care on jerseys this season

Waterford FC is making a big statement this season as it is going to carry the message of 24/7 Cardiac Care for the South East as its shirt sponsor.

Owner of the Blues, Lee Power made the announcement that the club for the 2020 season has partnered with 24/7 Cardiac Cover for the South-East and to use the team’s primary sponsor space to spread awareness of this most vital cause to not only the people of Waterford but the entire South East.

Mr Power, who took over the club late in 2016, said they had other offers of sponsors for the jersey but knew he had to take this step as when he heard of the lack of cardiac services in University Hospital Waterford it shook him “to his core.”

In a statement released by Mr Power, he said: “In 2019, we had secured a main sponsor which was valued to the club in excess of €100,000. In terms of sponsorship, this was a big deal. Of course, the prospect of securing a European place played a huge role in securing such an amount.

“This season, a number of local and national businesses once again stepped up to secure the position as our main sponsor, however, the amount of the previous deal could not be matched due to the lack of European football this season (something we will fight for this season).

“It was during the course of pre-season, I had been made aware of this cause and quite honestly, shook me to my core. I could not believe that after 5 pm, the South East of Ireland’s main cardiac care unit closed and could sometimes take up to two hours for patients to arrive at a medical centre with the appropriate equipment in which to treat them.

“It made me think of my own father who has suffered from cardiac issues in the past, that if he was still in his hometown, he might not be with us today.

“It was this above all things that made my mind up for me. There have been a number of reports in papers that my interest in the club was waning and I thought, “what better way to convince those of my commitment to this City and County than to get behind the people that have helped us”.

“We could have selected the next highest bid for our main sponsor, a decision that some would say financially makes sense but with a cause this important but I feel that we as a club need to reach out and remind people that Waterford FC is not only a football club. We’re a community, one that stretches throughout the South East and further abroad.

“We will play our opening game without the Cardiac Care logo as I have asked to have it unveiled in Waterford first. It must be presented to you, the fans and supporters first.

“Alan Reynolds has put together an incredible squad and the staff at the club have put everything in place to make 2020 a hugely successful season. However, it is you the fans and supporters that we rely on to get us over the line,” Mr Power concluded.

Waterford FC kick-off their League of Ireland campaign against St Patrick’s Athletic at Richmond Park, Dublin. Game starts at 7.45pm

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